24SEVEN Road Assist is a roadside assist service offered by UMW Toyota Motor and MI Call Centre Sdn Bhd to all Toyota owners (private individual and private company ownership). 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, we're ever-ready to come to your aid should you run into any unfortunate mishap.

Membership and Entitlement

When you purchase a new Toyota from UMW Toyota Motor showrooms, its authorised dealers or a pre-owned Toyota from TopMark, you're automatically entitled to a FREE 24SEVEN Road Assist membership for the first year.

With that, you will be given membership as below:

Vehicle Purchase Insured with Toyota Panel of Insurers
New Toyota (1st year) Free 1-year Privilege membership
Pre-Owned Toyota from Topmark Free 1-year Privilege membership
Existing Toyota Owners (2nd Year onwards) Free 1-year Privilege membership

Membership and Entitlement

Priviledge Membership
  • 24-hour breakdown assistance.
  • Free minor on-the-spot repairs as mentioned under Basic Membership.
  • Enjoys additional services ; Home assist services(on referral basis) such as plumbing service, electrical wiring, air-conditioner service, cleaning and restoration of carpet & furniture and roof repair.
  • In the event of an accident, the towing fee is subject to the motor insurance claims policy.

Membership and Entitlement

  • You may renew your privilege membership with one of our panel insurers through our Toyota showrooms after the first year.
  • Otherwise, you may purchase a 1-year basic membership at a minimal fee as stated below:-
Vehicle Registration Type Basic Membership Annual Fee
Private Individual / Private Company RM 9.00
Company Commercial RM 22.00

Our Panel of Insures

Membership is only valid if your motor insurance policy is purchased/renewed with one of our panel insurers listed above through our authorised Toyota showrooms.

Toyota 24SEVEN Road Assist Freephone

Please save these freephone numbers to your phone for your convenience in case of any emergency.

1-800-888-247 or 1-800-822-247