More Reasons to Buy Toyota and Toyota Hybrid Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Not all pre-owned cares are equal. Before purchasing one, it’s always important for you to know everything about the vehicle, no matter how tiny the detail as it may affect your vehicle’s future maintenance and performance. Is there any way to avoid the hassle and headaches of buying pre-owned cars? The answer is Yes - if you buy a Toyota or Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Hybrid Car. So what’s this certified pre-owned car and how does it work? Well, read on to find out:


What is Toyota TopMark?

Toyota TopMark is a division of UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd. As UMW Toyota Motor is the assembler and distributor of Toyota Vehicles in Malaysia, Toyota TopMark is certainly the most qualified experts when it comes to certifying Toyota and Toyota Hybrid pre-owned cars as there are stringent requirements and standards to be met for quality assurance and peace of mind.


How are pre-owned cars certified by Toyota TopMark?

Certain qualifications must be met, such as the age of the used Toyota should not be more than 6 years old (from Year of Manufacture of the car) and mileage clocked should be 120,000km or less.

The condition of the car’s exterior and interior must also be well maintained and free of the following:

  • No major accident
  • No cut & joint
  • No faulty engine & gearbox
  • No flood contamination


What happens before the certified pre-owned cars are displayed for sale?

Thorough auto-detailing, servicing and replacement of parts (if necessary) will be carried out, which includes:

  • Maintenance service at an Authorised Toyota Service Centre
  • Parts replacement with only Toyota Genuine Parts
  • New battery replacement
  • To ensure minimum Tire Thread is > 4mm or it will be replaced for safety reasons
  • Complete Cleaning Service - Comprehensive auto detailing services to keep the pre-owned car looking good as new
  • Vehicle record & service history will be recorded to confirm quality of the car


Why should I consider purchasing a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned car?

There are many reasons why you should purchase a Toyota and Toyota Hybrid certified pre-owned car but here’s our top 5:

  • Pre-owned cars have undergone an elaborate 201-point Inspection Check
  • 2-Year Warranty or 40,000km travelled whichever is lower on Engine & Transmission
  • Free 2-time Labour Charges for 1st & 2nd Service at any Authorised Toyota Service Centre
  • Genuine Mileage, no winding of mileage clocked
  • Higher Margin of Finance & Fast Approval from Toyota Capital (the Financing Partner of Toyota CPO and Toyota Hybrid CPO)


So if you want to make a worry-free purchase, Toyota & Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Hybrid cars are your answer. Toyota Certified Pre-Owned and Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Hybrid cars only offer premium products for peace of mind and superior quality assurance.