Quick Tips for Car Emergencies

We’ve all had our fair share of unwanted car emergencies and the last thing you want to do is panic because you do not know how to handle the situation. The next time you find yourself caught in a tricky situation, keep some of these simple solutions in mind. Trust us, they’ll come in handy!

Steps to Take During an Emergency

If You Get Into An Accident
Step 1 Did anyone sustain injuries? Give that person immediate medical attention first.
Step 2 Is your vehicle obstructing traffic? Move it away if it is.
Step 3 

Get relevant information from driver of other vehicle:
- Driver's name and address
- Vehicle details
- Vehicle insurance details
- Names and addresses of witnesses

Step 4 Make a police report if necessary. 
Step 5 Contact Toyota 24Seven Road Assist at 1800-888-247 / 1800-822-247 for immediate assistance.

How to Make a Police Report
Step 1 Visit a police station within 24 hours of incident.
Step 2 Ensure you have your identity card and driver’s license.
Step 3  Make a short and concise report.
Step 4 Request for the report number for your record and insurance claim.

Dealing with Independent Truck Drivers
Step 1 Ensure both parties are agreeable with the price before further action is taken.
Step 2 Tow your vehicle to the nearest Toyota Service Centre or to an appointed dealer.

If Your Engine Doesn’t Start
Step 1 Check if there is sufficient fuel.
Step 2 Check battery terminals to ensure they are clean and tight.
Step 3  Contact Toyota 24Seven Road Assist at 1800-888-247 / 1800-822-247 if lights are on but engine cannot start.
Step 4 If battery terminals are fine, switch on the interior light and start engine. If the lights dim out or turn off, this means the battery is discharged. Try jumpstarting according to instructions on your Owner’s Manual.

If Your Toyota Vehicle Overheats
Step 1 If you’re driving, get off the road and park in a safe spot.
Step 2 Turn on your hazard lights.
Step 3  Turn off air conditioner and engine if coolant steam is boiling.
Step 4 Do a visual check and do not attempt to use your hands when doing an inspection. Visually check if engine drive belt is broken/loose and look out for leaks from radiator, hoses and under the vehicle.
Step 5 Make an appointment at a Toyota Service Centre

If You Encounter A Flat Tire
Step 1 If you are driving, gradually reduce vehicle speed.
Step 2 Move vehicle to side of the road and switch on hazard lights.
Step 3  Refer to Owner’s Manual for spare tyre replacement.
Step 4 Have the flat tyre repaired by a Toyota Service Centre or its appointed dealer.

If Your Windscreen Breaks
Step 1 Stop your vehicle at a safe location if you are driving.
Step 2 Wipe away all fragments of glass with a damp cloth/tissue.
Step 3 Put on protective eyewear in case.
Step 4 Drive carefully to any Toyota Service Centre or an appointed dealer to get it replaced.